Ever since my first school science fair, I knew I was destined for excellence. Awarded a participation medal for my groundbreaking research on the ticklish properties of various materials, I felt a surge of pride course through my veins, and I knew I would spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling. Many participation medals later, and some real ones too, I have amassed quite a collection. Here are some of my favorites.

2016 Back-To-Back Donut Eating Champion

Here's a typical day for a donut eating champion:

2018 ACRA First Team All American

<Picture Does Not Exist>

Named to the 9-person squad, representing the best the ACRA league had to offer in 2018. Unfortunately, Frank thought it would be better for me to rest, so I didn't get to take the picture with the rest of the team.

Graduating the University of Virginia

I have worn the Honor of Honors and graduated from the University of Virginia.

Westchester Country Club Employee of the Week

2018 Under-23 U.S. National Team

Raced in the Lightweight Men's Single category at the Under-23 World Championships.